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According to ColumbusHousingFacts.com, the Grass IS Greener here in Columbus, Ohio!

Columbus is ranked as the seventh most stable real estate market and the fifth for Best Places for a fresh Start.

It was also named one of 66 places where it makes more sense to buy than to rent.

Consider the fact that our median sale price is considerably lower than the national average, interest rates are low, and you have a great selection of homes to choose from! Now is an ideal market for home buyers!

Want more factual information? Either talk to Lorri or read this report:

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For Buyers

Consider Commute Times Before Relocating to a New City

How long does it currently take you to get ready for work? And how much of that is your commute time? You be surprised at the hours you spend commuting back and forth to work each week. Oh…what you could do with that time if it wasn’t spent in transit. Consider Commute Times Before Relocating […]


Smart-home features are growing in popularity and have become a feature buyers are seeking. With doors, windows, cameras, doorbells, and even appliances offering accessibility via smartphone, tablet, and computer, there’s also a security issue. While most sellers intend to delete their home apps and move on to their next dream home, what happens if you […]

For Seniors

As we age, one of our considerations is whether we are going to stay in our home or move to assisted living.  Many of us prefer to stay in our homes as long as possible.  One of the growing considerations is updating our homes to include features that will support comfortably living as we age. […]

Housing Crisis Looms for Older Americans

Have you considered your future housing plans? Time flies, as they say, and preparing for your future doesn’t only include financial security. It’s important to think through potential physical limitations as you age and how that relates to your living situation. You may require fewer stairs or an accessible bathroom, for example. Don’t wait until […]

For Sellers

No need to consult your crystal ball, the National Association of Homebuilders’ has completed a country-wide survey to determine buyers most wanted and unwanted features in a house.  They’ve even broken the wants down into essential and desirable categories. What Buyers Want  If you’re thinking about putting in a wine cellar or installing an elevator […]

Affordable Home Improvements: Treat a Window Right

Window treatments tie in with the light issue mentioned in an earlier article.  Using the correct window treatment for a room will emphasize the light in the room, draw attention to or detract from the shape and size of the windows themselves. Long drapes to the floor create a more formal ambiance whereas short curtains […]

Real Estate News

Dublin Market Report

October 2018-2019 Residential Real Estate Sales Comparison for Dublin OH Dublin (residential mailing address) Year 2019 2018 % Change TOTAL ACTIVE 192 235 -12.8 TOTAL SOLD 68 78 -18.3 Active /Sold 2019 = monthly supply        Dublin 2019 2018 % Change  Average List Price $572,414 $569,831 .45 Average Sold Price $416,201 $385,904 7.85 […]

Powell Market Report

October 2018-2019 Residential Real Estate Sales Comparison for Powell OH Powell (residential mailing address) Year 2019 2018 % Change TOTAL ACTIVE 56 70 -20 TOTAL SOLD 16 19 -15.8 Active /Sold 2019 = monthly supply        Powell 2019 2018 % Change  Average List Price $499,021 $449,719 10.96 Average Sold Price $389,882 $381,617 .67 […]